The RAWCON Ghost Hunt

Spectral Investigations UK are a Hull based group of paranormal investigators.
They have many years combined experience with 6 key members taking the lead on local and national investigations. Results can vary sometimes lots of activity can occur & other times not so much. “We don’t pretend to be experts but we do guarantee no nonsense or fake activity from us. We use an assortment of equipment from talk boards to portal boxes and many other pieces in between.”
They are professional and respectful of each other and any spirits who they come across.
There’s only a few tickets left!…
#RAWCON2020 @spectralinvestigationsuk


Mike Covell sets the scene

Mike Covell is speaking on Saturday 29th Feb at Research and Witness Convention in Hull. Setting the scene for visitors with a talk on Hull’s rich history of UFO sightings.

RAWCON2020 #Hull #UFO #paranormal

On BBC Radio today. The Sally Fairfax Show

Had a great chat today on BBC Radio Humberside with Sally Fairfax. Talking all about sightings, UFOlogy and mental health, what we have seen and the Research and Witness Convention 2020. #RAWCON2020 #UFO #extraterrestrial

Andrew Collins is joining us on Saturday 29th Feb

Tickets are selling fast now for Research and Witness Convention 2020.

The confirmation of Yvette Fielding from most Haunted and Andrew Collins from Ancient Aliens. Has started a rush for tickets on Eventbrite. We can now also confirm the attendance of Demonologist Rev. Alyson Dunlop and Cryptid Addicted host Megan Deveson.

Get Your Earlybird Tickets Now >>>

Research & Witness 2020

The Research And Witness Congress 2020 has been extended to 2 days! Now 29th Feb – 1st March 2020 at Princes Quay Hull. Tickets will go on sale soon. More international guests are being announced too. If you want a stall place or want to be involved let us now

Awakening 2019

Team RAW had a great day at Awakening in Manchester. It was only our second year, but we bumped into loads of people who we know and had a great catch up. Also made new friends and learned a lot from the talks. Especially Paul Sinclair & Chris Turner who finished the day on the Hanger 2 stage. We bought a DVD from each of them about crypto phenomena and lights in the sky over the East & North Yorkshire Coast. Which is where we come from.

The best part of the day for us was the great conversation over at the Capel Green & UFO Truth stands. Can’t wait for the Capel Green movie to come out. See the trailer in our last post.

Capel Green Documentary

Very excited to be involved in the Capel Green Documentary. Thanks to Film Director Dion Johnson and UFO Truth’s Garry Heseltine. The film professionally leads the viewer through the actual events witnessed at Rendlesham Forest, past and present. Expect never before seen evidence and astounding revelations. Here’s the latest trailer:

UFO Truth Conference

We were lucky enough to be invited as guests, to the UFO Truth Magazine Holmfirth Conference. Thanks to our new found friend Garry Heseltine (Editor). Garry had interviewed us for a documentary about our Rendlesham encounter. We had the pleasure of meeting some great people from all over the world. Including representatives of MUFON, BUFOG and the Ancient Aliens TV series. Best of all Harry was able to talk at length about his Rendlesham experience with former US Airforcemen Larry Warren & Steve Longero, witnesses of the original Rendlesham UFO incident. Check out UFO Truth: