Team RAW

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Harrison (Harry) Raw:

Harrison has always prefered Holloween over any other time of the year. Fascinated by all things paranormal from an early age. Harrison did his first ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle 2013 age 9, leading the way with Dad in tow holding the camera.

He later became interested in cryptozoology after hearing about the Grey Man sighting in the Galloway Forest, where his great uncle lives. In 2018 whilst travelling for a camping trip, Harry clearly spotted a large, close, UFO in daylight, hovering over Rendlesham Forest. Harry’s sceptic father Alan who was driving, also saw the object clearly, so clearly that he has to admit it was stunning and unexplainable. Life has never been the same.

Alan Raw:

BBC broadcaster, photographer and producer. Alan is the CEO of The Creative & Cultural Organisation and a multi-award-winning BBC presenter.

Logical, level headed and a lifelong sceptic with a journalistic approach to stories, Alan likes to find objective evidence before believing anything. He is also a Duke of Edinburgh Awards expedition supervisor and has spent many nights camping under the stars. In the late 1980’s Alan saw a light moving at right-angles high in the night sky, whilst learning about navigation. The experienced nautical navigator teaching him had never seen anything like it. Having never seen any other evidence to suggest that it was anything extra-terrestrial, he chose to forget about it, until in 2018 whilst driving to a campsite, he and his son saw a craft that was too close, too big and too otherworldly to be classed as anything other than a UFO. Now he is keen to research and witness more.