Speaker Schedule Changes

To all who have got Saturday night or Sunday day tickets.

Thank you for getting tickets to the Saturday night and Sunday talks, at the Research & Witness Convention.

Unfortunately, one of the speakers Yvette Fielding is unable to attend on Saturday night for reasons beyond our control. Yvette will still be attending the convention and has agreed to still do the Q&A, but on Friday evening. She will also be in Princes Quay Atrium on Saturday afternoon for her book signing and photo opportunities.

We have replaced her in the Saturday line up with Antonio Perez & The GOIS Team. They are paranormal investigators and EVP ghost recording specialists, travelling from Spain. They are moving from Sunday morning to Saturday evening. French multilingual journalist and paranormal expert Chris Branzan will be joining them as our Interpreter.

There is still also a talk by Tony Topping presenting “UFO Encounters A UK Prospective” Tony is a covert witness to UFO encounters of the strange kind. Both contactee & UFO journalist, on TV & radio. One of the UK’s most recognised speakers on UFOs.

Headlining the night will be Andrew Collins, one of the world’s leading Ancient Alien/Lost Civilisation experts. As seen on Ancient Aliens on The History Channel, Prime & Netflix.

To compensate for the change, we would like to offer free entry to the Friday night event, to those who bought the Saturday night tickets before 11pm 9th Feb. The Friday night is otherwise reserved for weekend ticket holders only. This will be on 28th Feb in Princes Quay. We have emailed all who have been effected, but thought it best to post here too.

The Friday night schedule is now as follows:

18:30-20:45 Unexplained Photography Exhibition opening in HIP Gallery level 1.

19.30-20.30 A talk by Megan Deveson, Australian Researcher, podcaster, monster hunter. Host of Cryptid Addicted. Using herself as bait to capture evidence of cryptids on global expeditions include Japan, Sri Lanka, Romania & Canada. Megan has astonishing evidence of Yowies, Bigfoot & other monsters. In the Research Space level 3.

20:45-21:45 Yvette Fielding, Host of worldwide TV show Most Haunted. Paranormal Investigator, broadcaster, author of Amazon Best Seller “Archie The Ghost Hunter”. Answers your questions and talks about her life as an investigator with Alan Raw. In the Research Space level 3.

For Sunday ticket holders, who got their tickets before 11pm 9th Feb. We can offer you a ticket to see GIOS on Saturday night.

You also of course have the option to just have a refund for the Saturday night or Sunday ticket.

Please let us know what you would prefer researchandwitness@gmail.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks for your interest in the convention.

The Research & Witness Team.


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